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Titan Newas

Best Speed Ever and Shut Off at 1000'!

Featured Titan Comic

Featured Article in the
Ojai Quarterly

Damon runs a Titan Blackstar 8 inch 3 disc clutch 6.13 at 229mph – A new personal best. Click below to see the run.

Nation Dragster
Featured Article
"Clutch Dust"

Mike Jackson's Tune Up
Was Perfect
Farrah didn't do
Too bad on clutch

The Fighting Irish
Perfect tune up
Perfect clutch settings

Long time Titan Speed customer and supporter, Brett Johansen and TBJ Racing had their best early numbers at the last Saturday Night Nitro event at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in their "Jailbreak" Camaro Nitro Funny Car. Photo Credit Rob Gibson

Bill Dunlap Wins
Twice in a row!
High Speed Fueler takes
both NHRA Reunion East
and Saturday Night Nitro
at Bakersfield. High Speed
Runs a Titan Oiling System

Junkyard Dog Wins
East Coast

NHRA Hot Rod Reunion
Jim runs Titan Rockers
and Titan Oiling System

Mendy Fry Runs 5.72
Winning Saturday Night Nitro
Arias Hemi Chevy
and Titan Oiling System
A winning combination!

Winged Express
Running Titan oiling system and rocker arms.

Made in Ojai, California with Solar Power

Welcome to Titan Speed Engineering

Press Release

It’s been a rough few months for us at Titan Speed Engineering. The Thomas fire in December 2017 destroyed our shop, forcing us to cease all operations within the company. We lost our machines, products, and our drawings. But most unfortunately, the Sanders family lost their home.

Bob Sanders has been proudly running Titan since the 80s, striving to exceed all expectations of the motorsports community every step of the way. With the loss of the shop, however, Bob decided it was time to hand the operation of Titan Speed Engineering over to fellow machinist and drag racer Scott Sykes.

Scott Sykes has been operating his own machine shop, Lansco Engineering, since 2001. Bob chose Scott because of their shared commitment to honest company values, including personal customer attention, prolonged product support, and a strict adherence to honesty, integrity, and trust.

Scott plans to continue product development at his shop in Atascadero, CA, about two hours north of Titan Speed Engineering’s original home.

We hope you understand that we will do our best to continue the proud tradition that the Sander’s family started. We plan on exceeding your expectations just like Bob did, and help you get to the winner’s circle in the process.

Thank You,

Titan Speed Engineering

Bobby Cottrell won the 7.0 PRO National Points Championship in this Racecar

He also happened to be driving Buckey’s car who won F/C at the reunion. They run our oil pump and the same bearings "for a very long time”…

Havoc AA/FA winners circle

"...this AA/FA ran the whole USA Tour with the exact same bearings in it. It has a Titan Oil pump."

Shakedown win's Governors Cup Nitro Funny Car!

They are running a Titan Blackstar Clutch and Titan Oiling System. Happy Campers!

Names from left to right: Ron Hale, Mike Mancheno, Glenn Hutchison, Bill Windham, Toni Scholz, Terina McCandless, Bill Demartin and Mark Tullgren

Titan Speed Engineering Releases Three New Products

Mendy Fry wins Top Fuel at the 2017 MARCH MEET

GM, Ford and Chrysler racers have been winning worldwide with Titan products since 1992. Our customers are successful at every level of motorsports, on all kinds of racing surfaces.

From drag strips (asphalt, sand and water) and circle tracks (paved and dirt) to road courses, bonneville salt flats, dry lakes and pulling tracks, Titan-equipped racing teams enjoy the competitive advantages of superior engineering and craftsmanship. Every Titan oil pump, clutch and rocker arm is made in America, utilizing the finest materials available. In-house manufacturing assures optimum quality control.

Titan 3-Disc Black Star 'Glide Clutch
As racers ourselves, we know what you need to win: a durable, dependable product that makes the most of the horsepower you build. We also believe that you deserve friendly factory support and accurate tuning tips for as long as you run our products.

In turn, it's your invaluable feedback that drives the continuous evolution of everything we make. Our staff of experienced racers actually welcomes your input about existing Titan products — and about anything else we might be making to meet your needs. "Racers helping racers" is more than a motto at Titan Speed Engineering!

Now have a look around. We hope you find this showcase of Titan products and services informative and helpful. Much more is in the works, so check back regularly. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Our current Price List can be found here. We're looking forward to serving you...

View some videos of Titan Speed's products in action...

T Flournoy 1st time driver Altered

Damon runs a Titan Blackstar 8 inch 3 disc clutch
6.13 at 229mph – A new personal best

Auto Club Bakersfield Raceway July 28th
"Nitro" Rick Rogers

The Pedaler Nostalgia Top Fuel Funny Car

Call today for your copy of our newest catalog.
You can also view online.
Titan Catalog

Titan Speed Engineering 805-466-2700

The All New Mini Labyrinth Oil Filter From Titan Speed Engineering 

Ojai, CA - Oct 27, 2015 - Just like the Original Labyrinth, the All New Mini Labyrinth filter can with stand huge amounts of abuse and keep on flowing. It has been designed strictly from the racers perspective. It can be used with oil or fuel simply by changing the mesh screen size, multiple mounting points make it suitable for almost any location. With it's new "Mini" size it can fit in to a much smaller space. The New Mini filter still has the same sedimentary chamber with easy clean out and are tested to 750 psi. It’s unique design has an inherent quiescent sediment chamber that can with stand large amounts of contamination, but keep on flowing filtered fluid with very little pressure drop.

The Orginal Labyrinth, along with the All New Mini is constructed from the finest materials, aircraft grade 7000 series aluminum anodized housings, stainless steel mesh screens, premium grade fasteners/fittings and Viton o-rings. Make your next filter choice the most durable best 
performing filter ever, the Titan Mini Labyrinth! Patent App.  All Titan products are Made in the U.S.A. For more information call 805-466-2700. 



Featured Product

Titan Speed Engineering is always designing new products to be tougher and more efficient. Titan's newest product does just that. Their All New GM dry-sump in pan oil pump is made to a fit a niche that others cannot fill.
Click here
for more info...

Jim Oddy's Junkyard Dog New Early Chrysler Hemi Running Titan Speed Oiling system and Rocker arms Titan Speed Engineering - oil pumps - filters - clutches - rocker arms.  Phone: 1.800.308.4826 Website: www.titanspeed.com