Vapor Vent Plates

Titan's simple, inexpensive solution to slow drainback of oil from your engine's valley area to its wet sump! Venting the gaseous vapors in the crankcase equalizes pressure between the top and bottom of the engine — thereby reducing the crankshaft pressure that inhibits drainback. This problem is particularly acute in belt-drive applications, which virtually eliminate the normal vapor ventilation allowed by stock-type front covers.

Our anodized plate mounts in the stock-fuel-pump location, without modification, using the bolts supplied. All you do is run a hose (not supplied) from the —16 or —20 AN fitting (optionally available) to your valve cover.

GM Big-Block
Plate & Bolts shown with AN fitting
GM Small Block
Plate & Bolts shown with AN fitting
Ford V8's (Except Cleveland)
Plate & Bolts shown with AN fitting
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