• Billet Gerotor Oil Pumps

    Billet Gerotor Oil Pumps For Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, including wet and dry sump and belt driven.
  • Titan Oil Pumps

    Titan Oil Pumps are American Made and Race Proven For Drag Racing (Nitro, Alcohol, Gas), Flat Rack, Oval Track, Tractor Pulling, Boat (all categories), Monster Truck, Off-Road, Land Speed (Bonneville Salt Flats), Dirt Track.
  • Crankshaft Insurance

    From drag strips to circle tracks to road courses and dry lakes, successful racing teams are winning with the best kept secret in motorsports: Titan's gerotor driven oil pumps for wet or dry sump applications.
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  • Billet Krista Van Horn and I have huge News!

    Krista Van Horn and I have huge news! We recently purchased Titan Speed Engineering and its equipment and inventory. We added on to our shop and are all moved in. Yesterday was the first day of machining in our facility, making gerotors and will be milling Mopar 340/392 housings next.
    That was January 01, 2022, today we start the second quarter of 2022 and what a transition it has been.
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