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While it's true that Titan's billet oil pumps initially gained fame for lubercating top Fuel Dragsters and AA/Funny Cars, we now offer dual-feed oil pumps for every racing engine and budget.
Our billet Aluminum, Professional-series
 wet-sump pumps are providing "crankshaft insurance" to alltypes of pro cars, from fuel dragsters and door slammers to sprinters and road racers. Why settle for the obsolete, passenger-car technology of spur gears? Why suffer the extra expense, frontal wieght, hassels and leaks of a dry-sump tanks and lines?  Now, you can simply bolt in a quality wet-sump system and forget about it.
With the advent of our economical
 Sportsman pump for GM and Ford engines, even the lowest buck racer finally has an alternative to cavitating stock-type pumps and their failure-prone external pickups. (Spur-gear oil pumps were designed for passenger cars - and that's exactly where they belong!).
Professional and Sportsman wet-sump
models share our proven gerotor pumping system. Titan's high-volume, anticavitation design is super smooth to 12,000-plus rpm! A unique combintion of modular designs, interchangeable housings and gear sizes enables us to provide virtully any voume desired.
Either one or two pumping segments
are available in Professional models, depending on the volume of oil required. Most Pro pumps include a large, integral pickup with more than 13 square inches of screen area. (The exceptions are late Chryslers and other remote-pickup appilications). Every pump is black-hard-anodized. All Titan pumps are fully rebuilable, also!
All Titan models utilize a uique,
adjustable pressurerelief that allsows you to select virtually any pressure setting from 50 psi to more than 100 psi. (Higher spring rates are available for even more pressure, where warranted). Our technicians individually bench test all pumps for volume and pressure. We preset the pressure of your pump to suit your specific application.
Wet-sump Titan pumps bolt right
into the stock oil-pump locations of popular GM, Ford and Chrysler V8s, including early and late Hemis. All pumps are packaged complete with Grade-Eight (or higher) mounting hardware. GM models include a large, integral pickup assembly that cannot crack or fall off. Correct-length driveshafts are provided for all applications except late Chryslers. Titan's tool-steel shafts combine a super-strong, 5/16-inch-hex lower drive with a stock-style upper drive.
Your existing wet-sump pan can
be easily modified to accept Titan's larger-than-stock pump housings. (The size of our pump bodies is dictated by the gerotor pumping segments, which are larger in diameter than the GM-type spur gears found inside our competitors' smaller housings.) First-time customers typically order a brand-new aluminum pan that's custom-built to accommodate
Jeff Johnston's Billet Fabrication
has designed an entire line of aluminum pans around wet-sump Titan pumps. Both one- and two-piece models are available, with or without exclusive Baffle Balls. Boasting billet rails and seal sections as standard equipment, these precision-built oil pans are available directly from Billet Fabrication for any racing or street engine, chassis design and sump style.
The finest high performance billet dry-sump pump
ever designed for late-Hemi-type oiling systems is also manufactured by Titan. Ideally suited to Funny Cars, Pro Modifieds and other full-bodied vehicles with limited ground clearance, this two-stage design has gradually evolved during more than a decade of development by Chuck and Del Worsham, two of Titan's oldest customers. If this oil pump wasn't the best thing that's ever happened to the Worshams' main bearings, you know they wouldn't be running it exclusively — on all three of their fuel Funny Cars!
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