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If you've ever watched nostalgia-drag racers or Toyota road racers remove a Hemi valve cover, you've probably seen Titan's colorfully-anodized rocker arms! Lightweight and super strong, these billet-aluminum, roller-tip rockers deliver free horsepower by both decreasing the friction and increasing the ratios in Chrysler-style V8s, Toyota four-bangers, and the 8.3L Arias/Fontana Hemi.

Our billet-aluminum, 1.5:1 Toyota rocker arms fit the four-cylinder, 1.6-liter 2TC and 3TC Hemi engines preferred by leading Toyota drag, road and oval racers worldwide. Allen-head adjusters are included. Mandatory matching pushrods are available at extra cost. With no other changes, bolting on these rockers and pushrods has slashed quarter-mile e.t.s by fully half a second! Circle-track cars and road-racing Toyotas have enjoyed comparable improvements in lap times, plus significant extensions of valvetrain-component life.

Early Hemi RockersComplete Titan rocker-arm assemblies are available for Chrysler's 354/392 early Hemi; the Donovan 417; the 8.3L Arias-Fontana; the forged-aluminum CE engine; and most aftermarket cylinder heads, including the latest billet heads. Titan roller rockers enable the intake ratio — which varies with pushrod length — to be set as high as 1.7:1. (Please see "Tech Talk" for technical details.) Exhaust ratio remains identical to that of a stock early Hemi. Rocker arms and stands are CNC-machined from 7075 T651 aluminum, then anodized. Standard Titan rocker systems bolt into the stock location, directly replacing stock-type rocker assemblies. We also custom-build Hemi rocker systems for special applications. (Call for details.)

Our exclusive, allen-head adjuster screws bring unprecedented ease of adjustment to Chrysler and Toyota valvetrains. Titan's tool-steel, 3/8-inch-diameter, fine-thread adjusters feature 5/16-inch, heat-treated balls and either 12-point (V8) or 6-point (L4) lock nuts. The standard Model RAAS-100 is 1.150 inches long, and can be used with most types of 3/8-inch, fine-thread, adjustable rocker arms. An extra-long Model RAAL-100 measures 1.460 inches. (Please see "Tech Talk" for technical details.)

Hemi-V8 assemblies include rockers, stands, shafts and allen-head adjusters for two cylinder heads. Not included are the valve-cover spacers necessary to ensure adequate clearance between Titan's high-ratio rocker arms and some older valve covers. (Most types of newer valve covers are made tall enough to clear these popular rocker arms, without spacers. Call for complete information.) Older-design valve covers typically require use of Titan's optional spacer kit, which includes everything necessary to install any popular valve cover: a pair of 1-inch-tall aluminum spacers with reliefs for all valve springs; longer valve-cover bolts; extended spark-plug tubes; and all hardware.

All components for these Toyota rocker arms and complete V8 rocker systems are also available individually. Because we actually manufacture what we sell, Titan is able to maintain inventories of these rockers and replacement parts, for prompt shipment to Titan customers worldwide.

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