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Pressure Tester for GM Oil Pumps

Oil Pump Pressure Tester
In response to demand from customers, we now offer this inexpensive, portable version of the test fixture that our assembly shop uses to bench-test bypass pressure in new and rebuilt Titan oil pumps for GM engines.

Now, all you need is a pan of oil to check and set the pressure of any Titan GM Pro or Sportsman oil pump. We supply everything else, including the gauge!

One end of our pump-test tool mounts to your oil pump; the other is clamped into a bench vise. Simply lower your pump into a pan of oil, then utilize our drive spud to spin the pump clockwise with a 3/8- or 1/2-inch drill motor. Oil Pump Pressure TesterWe've provided a 1/8-inch NPT plug that is loosened to bleed out air. Once the Pro or Sportsman pump picks up pressure, just watch the gauge as you set bypass pressure by rotating Titan's 1/4-28 set screw either clockwise (to increase pressure) or counterclockwise (to decrease).

At the factory, we typically set the pressure 10 psi higher than what you'll want in the main oil gallery. Demand varies greatly from one engine to another; adjusting the bypass will compensate for all the variables that combine to determine the pressure differential between the pump and the main oil gallery in your particular powerplant.

                                         Pressure Tester: see Price List

With the addition of common washers or other spacers, this same fixture can also be used to check the pressure of any wet-sump oil pump for Chevy-type V8s. Detailed directions are provided.

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