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Oil-Pump Parts and Accessories

Oil-Pump Drive Shaft and GearEvery component of any Titan oil pump can usually be repaired or replaced (except in cases of extreme abuse resulting from severe engine damage). We stock everything, and will make every effort to rush you whatever you need, in any quantity. The most-common replacement parts are listed here, along with optional accessories that will help you make the most of your Titan oiling system.

Oil Pickups
Oil Pickup w/Dual 12AN FittingsTitan's exclusive pickup designs provide more than 15 square inches of screen area! Cast from aircraft-grade 356-T6 aluminum, the unique shape helps break up vortices, minimizing sucking air. The screen's maximum hole-to-area ratio traps all but the smallest pieces of debris. Although an infinite number of configurations is possible, three common combinations are shown here.
Oil Pickup w/Single 20AN FittingOil Pickup
Single 20 AN Fitting:
see Price List
Oil Pickup w/Single 16AN FittingOil Pickup
Single 16 AN Fitting:
Oil Pickup w/Dual 12AN FittingsOil Pickup
Dual 12 AN Fittings:
Remote Relief ValveRemote Relief Valves
Oil Pump Drive ShaftsDriveshafts
Early Chrysler Bronze GearEarly-Chrysler Bronze Gear
Ford Bronze GearFord Bronze Gear
GM Bronze GearGM Bronze Gear-Hex Drive
Big Block Chevy Vapor Vent Plate with FittingBBC Vapor-Vent Plate
Plate & Bolts:
With AN Fitting:
Small Block Chevy Vapor Vent Plate with FittingSBC Vapor-Vent Plate
Plate & Bolts:
With AN Fitting:
Ford Vapor Vent Plate with FittingFord Vapor-Vent Plate
(Except Cleveland)
Plate & Bolts:
With AN Fitting:
Oil Pump Pressure Relief AssemblyOil-Pump
Pressure-Relief Assembly
AN FittingsAN Fittings

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