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Success For Hex-drive Distributor Drive Gear

Titan Speed Engineering says it's pleased with response to its premium distributor drive gear assembly, developed to replace the weak tang drive in GM and Chevy oil pumps.

Bob Sanders, Titan's president, says his replacement drive gear provides the strength needed to handle the huge stresses placed on such race engine components as oil pumps. Sanders' California-based company has developed and manufactured super-high-performance oil pump systems for the racing industry for more than a decade.

"We've replaced the OEM-type drive shaft with a hexagonal tool steel shaft that is way tougher and much longer lasting," he says. The 5/16-inch hex is broached in the base of a specially tooled aerospace alloy brass gear. "Changing out the old shaft is simple," says Sanders. You only need to remove a tiny tang at the bottom of the existing distributor.

While the Titan product is available in a stock diameter .491-inch configuration, Sanders says the aftermarket size of .500-inch has proved the most popular with GM and Chevy race teams.

Patents are pending on the new distributor drive gear. More information is available from Titan's California manufacturing plant at 805-525-8660.

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