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Titan Adds Race-Proven Geroter System To
Sportsman Models

Titan Speed Engineering is now offering its race-engineered dual-feed geroter lubrication system on its most affordable Sportsman model oil pumps for Ford engines. The pump delivers a controlled volume of oil to main bearings, even under extreme conditions and high revs.

The heart of the Sportsman oil pump is Titan's geroter system. "OEM-style spur gear pumps have to work seven times harder to deliver the same volume of oil," says Bob Sanders, president of Titan. "Our dual-feed gerotor design delivers a consistent flow of oil all the way to 12,000 rpm B and beyond."

The bolt-on Sportsman wet-sump oil pump also features a balanced flow-through relief system which smoothes out spike loads on the pump drive and keeps debris from building up in the relief circuit. Friction-reducing needle thrust bearings are fitted standard to both ends of the drive.

"Most important, our gerotor design overcomes the cavitation problems that can damage bearings, cranks and pumps when engine revs hit five digits," says Sanders. AAs revs increase, a stock, single-feed pump tries to suck oil faster than it can actually enter the pump,@ he explains. "The resulting vacuum creates oil bubbles which implode around the input shaft, sending shock waves through the pump which can escalate B usually until the pump breaks."

"In developing the Titan gerotor system, we have beaten cavitation and the number one problem with oil delivery. Your bearings will definitely know the difference."

Titan builds its Sportsman pumps from certified premium aircraft grade 356-T6 billet aluminum that delivers close to 70,000 psi tensile/yield strength. The mounts are 7055-T7 aluminum (90,000 psi tensile-yield strength). Exposed surfaces, both internal and external, are hard anodized for extended life and to minimize wear and corrosion.

Available in both .875-inch size (the shorty model oil pump) that reduces pump height and drag, and the standard 1.100-inch size for high demand engines like turbos and those with valve spring sprayers. Both fit in the standard location without any additional belts or plumbing. The pump is shipped with a tool steel drive and all mounting hardware.

More information is available from Titan's California manufacturing plant at 805-525-8660.

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