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Titan Press Releases

June 7, 2017

For Immediate Release

Titan Speed Engineering Releases Three New Products

September 4, 2015

For Immediate Release

Titan Speed Engineering’s Featured Article in The Ojai Quarterly

Titan Speed Engineering has been featured in The Ojai Quarterly's Fall 2015 issue. Click the picture to the left to see the eight page spread now!

July 3, 2015

For Immediate Release

Titan Speed Engineering Featured in Nation Dragster for Their Clutches

Titan Speed Engineering has been recognized for their versatile clutches which have been designed to optimize rigidity and deliver the best possible performance. Bob Sanders has been making clutches since 1988, and leading the way with Titan Engineering’s Black Star Clutch.

April 7, 2015

For Immediate Release

Titan Speed Engineering’s All New GM Dry Sump Oil Pump

Titan Speed Engineering has introduced an all new, in the pan dry sump pump. This new pump is a GM Professional style pump and can be configured in several sizes to meet your needs. It is designed for any Chevy type engine with room for a fairly deep oil pan and is the perfect oiling solution for many applications. These pumps can be used for Pulling, Monster Trucks, Mud Bogs as well as many types of drag racing including fuel altereds and gassers. The pump shown consists of an 1100 pressure pump with regulator, and 1300 scavenge pump. Pumps are shipped with oil pump drive shaft and mounting hardware, fittings are sold separately.
For more information about this or any of our products please call 805-525-8660.

January 15, 2013

For Immediate Release

Titan Speed Engineering’s Latest Catalog Released

From: Titan Speed Engineering - 805-525-8660
Titan Speed Engineering has released their latest catalog. The catalog features the latest products from
Titan Speed including oil pumps, filters, clutches and rockers. It also features other products offered by the
company, idler pullies, pick-ups and oil pump parts. You can download a copy of the catalog from their website,
www.titanspeed.com or call 805-525-8660 for a printed copy. For more information contact Titan Speed 13001 Tree Ranch Road, Ojai, CA 93023 - 805-525-8660.

September 27, 2011

For Immediate Release

From: Titan Speed Engineering - 805-525-8660

Titan’s All New Billet Pumping Segment Gerotor

Titan Speed GerotorTitan Speed Engineering is now making their Billet Gerotors In House from proprietary Military Spec. High Lubricity, High Ductility Billet Steel. Titan’s Gerotors are CNC machined to a mirror finish at aircraft tolerances and are keyed to the main shaft. These pumping segments are manufactured in two lengths (875 & 1100) and sold as sets (inner and outer). This increase in the quality of the actual pumping segment increases pump efficiency and strength. As with all Titan products, this special steel is Made in the USA and the machining is done in house at Titan's Ojai, CA facility with Solar Power.
For more information call Titan at 805-525-8660.

September 19, 2011

For Immediate Release

From: Titan Speed Engineering - 805-525-8660

for the "outsourced" low quality knockoff copies (using low quality aluminum and inferior powdered metal pump parts that are only pressed onto the main shaft, made for mom's station wagon), go for the "ORIGINAL" TITAN SPEED ENGINEERING DUAL FEED Oil pumps. Both the Titan Sportsman and the Titan Professional pumps have premium aircraft Billet USA made 7055-T7 aluminum, with a Military specification hard anodized coating. Titan pumps have billet steel pump segments which are keyed to the main shaft, instead of the inferior outsourced powdered metal knockoffs. The TITAN PROFESSIONAL SERIES pumps also have (USA) needle roller bearings on both ends of the main shaft as well as a needle thrust, and they have a seal on the main shaft as well. All TITAN pumps use (USA) die springs in the relief circuit, for extended life. All fasteners are premium (USA) ARP & HoloKrome.

Buy only the best, buy a TITAN SPEED billet oil pump. Starting at $358. (Jobber)

Do you want to compare billet oil pumps..... click here...

Geroter System

The heart of the Sportsman oil pump is Titan's geroter system. "OEM-style spur gear pumps have to work seven times harder to deliver the same volume of oil," says Bob Sanders, president of Titan. "Our dual-feed geroter design delivers a consistent flow of oil all the way to 12,000 rpm B and beyond."   Click here....


Hex Drive

"We've replaced the OEM-type drive shaft with a hexagonal tool steel shaft that is way tougher and much longer lasting," he says. The 5/16-inch hex is broached in the base of a specially tooled aerospace alloy brass gear. "Changing out the old shaft is simple," says Sanders. You only need to remove a tiny tang at the bottom of the existing distributor.  Click here....

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