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The Titan Labyrinth
High Performance Billet Oil/Fuel Filter

The all new purpose built fluid filter from the minds at Titan Speed Engineering.
For racing applications only, this all new filter can with stand huge amounts of abuse and keep on flowing. At only 3 lbs. total weight and measures 4-5/8 L x 2-7/8 W x 5-3/8 H. It has been designed strictly from the racers perspective. It's easy to disassemble and clean for between rounds maintenance, making it ideal for any performance engine. It can be used with oil or fuel simply by changing the mesh screen size, multiple mounting points make it suitable for almost any location. The labyrinth design provides huge flow capacities and can with stand an enormous amount of pressure differential, no more crushed filters resulting in loss of pressure, your filter should save your engine not be it's cause of destruction.

It's unique design has an inherent quiescent sediment chamber that can with stand large amounts of contamination, but keep on flowing filtered fluid with very little pressure drop.
The filters performance is derived from the use of dual four inch diameter mesh screens that offer over 25 square inches of screen area. This filter is practically indestructible, tested to over 650 PSI, all parts are made right here in the USA and constructed from the finest materials available including billet 7055-T7 anodized housings, stainless steel mesh screens, premium grade fasteners and o-rings. All units come complete and ready to run including all AN fittings and hardware. Make your next filter choice the most durable best performing filter ever, the "Titan Labyrinth"! Patent Pending. Titan Fluid Filter

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