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The products in this section further demonstrate how Titan meets the needs of customers who encounter a recurring problem. For example, after several nitro and alcohol racers reported frequent blower-belt failures, we went to work designing a "crowned" idler pulley that successfully extended the lives of belts and blower drives. When supercharged-Chevy teams complained of premature valve-spring failure, Titan engineerscame up with a chrome-silicon steel and special coating, making a valve-spring capable of withstanding extremely-high temperatures. Our vapor-vent plates speeded up oil drainback in wet-sump engines, maintaining oil pressure. Titan's top-quality T-shirts save innocent bystanders from exposure to butt crack.

These and other problem-solving innovations are detailed in this section. Each item is manufactured to the same high standards as Titan oil pumps, clutches and rocker arms. Please watch these pages for additional products currently in development and testing.

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