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New Products from Titan Speed

Titan's engineers are continually designing new products, the latest of which appear below. Simultaneously, our staff is always striving to improve and refine the product lines that put Titan Speed Engineering on the map. In-house design and manufacturing enable us to develop brand-new parts and modify existing designs almost as quickly as our customers identify the need for something faster, stronger, better. Watch this page for the latest breakthroughs in oil-system, clutch and rocker-arm technology!


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Titan Speed Engineering Releases Three New Products

The All New Mini Labyrinth Oil Filter From Titan Speed Engineering 

Ojai, CA - Oct 27, 2015 - Just like the Original Labyrinth, the All New Mini Labyrinth filter can with stand huge amounts of abuse and keep on flowing. It has been designed strictly from the racers perspective. It can be used with oil or fuel simply by changing the mesh screen size, multiple mounting points make it suitable for almost any location. With it's new "Mini" size it can fit in to a much smaller space. The New Mini filter still has the same sedimentary chamber with easy clean out and are tested to 750 psi. It’s unique design has an inherent quiescent sediment chamber that can with stand large amounts of contamination, but keep on flowing filtered fluid with very little pressure drop.

The Orginal Labyrinth, along with the All New Mini is constructed from the finest materials, aircraft grade 7000 series aluminum anodized housings, stainless steel mesh screens, premium grade fasteners/fittings and Viton o-rings. Make your next filter choice the most durable best 
performing filter ever, the Titan Mini Labyrinth! Patent App.  All Titan products are Made in the U.S.A. For more information call 805-525-8660.










Titan Speed Engineering's GM Dry-Sump in Pan Oil Pump

GM Dry-Sump in Pan Oil PumpTitan Speed Engineering has introduced an all new, in the pan dry sump pump. This new pump is a GM Professional style pump and can be configured in several sizes to meet your needs. It is designed for any Chevy type engine with room for a fairly deep oil pan and is the perfect oiling solution for many applications. These pumps can be used for Pulling, Monster Trucks, Mud Bogs as well as many types of drag racing including fuel altereds and gassers. The pump shown consists of an 1100 pressure pump with regulator, and 1300 scavenge pump. Pumps are shipped with oil pump drive shaft and mounting hardware, fittings are sold separately. For more information about this or any of our products please call 805-525-8660. Click here for more info...

Titan Speed Engineering's Reusable Bolt in Hubs (Patent Pending #12925155)

Titan Speed Engineering is always designing new products to be tougher and more efficient. Titan's newest product does just that. Their All New Bolt-in Hub is not only reusable, but is made out of stronger, higher grade material than your ordinary clutch disk hub. These Hubs are made out of Carburized 8620 Premium Aircraft Grade Steel and are Black Oxide coated. Titan's All New 1 3/8" 10 - Bolt Hubs come with Premium 5/16" Button Head Fasteners. For all those racers on a budget, save money with Titan's Reusable Bolt-In Hubs. For more information call 805-525-8660. Click here for more info...


All New Oil Filter, The Titan Labyrinth

Introducing the all new purpose built fluid filter from the minds at Titan Speed Engineering. For racing applications only, this all new filter can with stand huge amounts of abuse and keep on flowing. Only 3 lbs. total weight and measures 4-5/8 L x 2-7/8 W x 5-3/8 H. The filters performance is derived from the use of dual four inch diameter mesh screens that offer over 25 square inches of screen area. This filter is practically indestructible, tested to over 650 PSI, all parts are made right here in the USA and constructed from the finest materials available including billet 7055-T7 anodized housings, stainless steel mesh screens, premium grade fasteners and o-rings. Make your next filter choice the most durable best performing filter ever, the "Titan Labyrinth"! Patent Pending.
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8 inch Black Star clutch

That's right, 8 inches. The new 8 inch clutch from Titan Speed Engineering is destined to have a major impact on the motorsports world. From aircraft grade materials and coatings, to the cutting edge design, the new clutch is certain to improve performance. Components like a new 3/4 inch thick cover for maximum rigidity.
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Geroter System

Ford remote Sportsman pumps now available.
The heart of the Remote Sportsman oil pump is Titan's geroter system. "OEM-style" pumps have to work seven times harder to deliver the same volume of oil," says Bob Sanders, president of Titan. "Our dual-feed gerotor design delivers a consistent flow of oil all the way to 12,000 rpm and beyond. "These modular pumps fit all mounting configurations including early Olds and Pontiac. Available in 1100 & 875 Series. Custom pick up is required. Click here for more info...


Vapor-Vent Kits

Big Block Chevy Vapor Vent Plate with Fitting
Simple yet effective, Titan's new vapor-vent kit speeds oil drainback to the pan in wet-sump applications. Designed to accept a line (not included) plumbed from the valve cover, a fitting attached to the vent plate equalizes pressure above and below the valley area, reducing the crankcase pressure that can inhibit oil drainback. Plates for GM and Ford V8s bolt to the stock-fuel-pump location, without modification.
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875-Series Oil Pumps

GM 875 Series Sportsman Wet Sump Oil Pump
In response to demand from sprint-car teams and Comp Eliminator racers seeking optimum horsepower, Titan has developed low-volume versions of both our Pro and Sportsman oil pumps. Named for its shorter (.875-inch) gerotor assembly, new 875-Series models flow 20-percent-less oil. The lower volume of oil in the pan and lower oil pressure combine to reduce resistance against the rotating assembly. Dyno and track testing of small-block Chevys reveal significant horsepower increases! Now in stock for popular GM applications, the 875 Series will soon be expanded to include all Ford V8s. (Please call for availability and ordering priority.) Click here for more info...

Pump-Pressure Tester

GM Oil Pump Pressure Tester
Leave it to Titan to develop a simple, inexpensive fixture for setting bypass pressure in our GM Pro and Sportsman oil pumps (or checking the pressure of any Chevy pump). One end of this tool mounts to the pump; the other is clamped into a bench vise. Simply lower your pump into a pan of oil, then utilize our drive spud to spin the pump with a 3/8- or 1/2-inch drill motor. Once the Pro or Sportsman pump picks up pressure, just watch the gauge as you set bypass pressure by rotating Titan's 1/4-28 set screw either clockwise (to increase) or counterclockwise (to decrease.) Click here for more info...

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