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Black Star Billet Racing Clutches

Black Star Billet Racing Clutches

Our clutch division actually predates the formal creation of Titan Speed Engineering. What began as Sanders Clutches — a line of pedal clutches for nitro racers and blown-alcohol teams — is now a Titan brand preferred by all types of serious drag racers and pullers.

During two decades of development, invaluable input from loyal customers enabled our engineers to perfect the original slipper-clutch design. Consequently, what began in the 1960s as the first effective fuel-dragster clutch has evolved into the ideal system for contemporary nitro-, alcohol- or gas-burning race cars.

SFI-approved Titan racing clutches now appear in supercharged, unblown and nitrous-assisted drag cars of all kinds, plus truck and tractor pullers. Tested to 15,000 rpm, Titan's user-friendly billet clutch design gives serious racers the ultimate combination of strength, light weight, rigidity and adjustability.

Black Star billet clutches

Your Titan billet clutch is literally custom-built for YOUR specific one-, two-, three- or four-disc application. Our engineers even take the time to create customized instructions for setting up your clutch, plus detailed tuning tips. We start you off with a safe, "soft" setup intended to get your particular race car down the track — without burning up parts! — and tell you how to gradually adjust the clutch to optimize your engine combination. Expert advice is always available by phone. For future reference, we maintain complete records of everything you've purchased.

Bolt in Hubs
Clutches are available in billet aluminum, steel or titanium. Complete with aluminum flywheel, our two-disc models weigh 36 to 38 pounds — as much as 10 pounds less than conventional designs! Three-disc assemblies weigh 47 to 52 pounds. Innovative options include needle bearings on the main pivot pin and an exclusive heat shield, coated with a space-age material that adds both friction and heat shielding. (Please call for technical details.)

Standard models fit Chrysler, Ford, Chevrolet and other GM crankshaft flanges. Additionally, we pride ourselves on designing and building the "one-off," custom clutches that our competitors cannot or will not supply. Please ask!


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