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Billet Clutch Tech Talk:
Why It's Better to be Square

Black Star Billet ClutchTitan's SFI-approved pedal and centrifugal ("'Glide") clutches are instantly recognizable by the shape of our drive stands. Sometimes, it's better to be square!

Why did we persist in developing a clutch style that other companies either abandoned or overlooked altogether? Because Titan's exclusive design is inherently more adjustable than conventional clutches, plus dramatically lighter. Because we race, we share your endless quest to remove every unnecessary ounce of weight — particularly rotating weight. However, other manufacturers have chosen to add mass and pounds to make their clutches meet the ever-increasing horsepower demands of their customers. That's why some of their two-disc assemblies now weigh nearly 50 pounds! A comparable Titan assembly weighs as little as 36 pounds, complete. Why carry all those extra pounds down the track, plus force your crankshaft to rotate one-third more mass?

The simple secret is our square drive stand, which permits less deflection and far less floater warpage than round stands. Only square stands provide so much contact area with the floater and drive ring, without binding the floater — even under the extreme clutch heat produced by a nitro-burning A/Fuel Dragster (which can prevent conventional clutches from disengaging). That's where comparisons to the original slipper clutch begin and end!

Manufacturers of the 1960s and '70s could only dream of the exotic materials and precision manufacturing available to Titan engineers today. The replaceable facings on our flywheels and drive rings are made from a special steel. Friction diameter is a full 10 inches. All components are CNC-machined, using aircraft-grade materials throughout. Unlike the inferior 2024 or 6061 alloy found in some competitive clutches, all aluminum used in Titan clutches is premium 7075 T651, hard-coated and heat-shielded. All fasteners and levers are tool steel. Every part is made in America. Each clutch is carefully assembled in our facility, by experienced racers.

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