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Titan introduces 8" Black Star Billet Clutch

The new 8 inch clutch from Titan Speed Engineering is destined to have a major impact on the motorsports world. From aircraft grade materials and coatings, to the cutting edge design, the new clutch is certain to improve performance. Components like a new ¾ inch thick cover for maximum rigidity.

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Thicker hat and flywheel offer maximum rigidity and heatsink, that eliminates warpage. One, two, three or four disc units available.


The new shoe assembly has more heatsink mass and is pocketed for the “die type” springs. Tool steel levers with several lever options, special alloy floaters and new ¼ inch thick segmented bolt-in flywheel and shoe liners are available. The clutch has all the adjustments a tuner needs including ring height, lever height, counter weight and spring force. The new design reduces heat and clutch wear, saving on costly disk replacement. All clutches are SFI approved. We ship with spare pins, bushings, counter weight. All fasteners are made in the USA , HOLO-KROME or ARP. All metal is made in the USA and is aircraft grade.

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Easy adjustment and unlimited range, everything a tuner could want.


In addition to these advantages, Titan offers coated floaters, several friction materials, most hub sizes, measuring/gage tool kits. Titan had nearly two decades of clutch manufacturing experience. You don't need to go at it alone, as each clutch comes with instructions and the advice you need to create a winning combination.

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Smaller diameter reduces rotating mass which allows for faster acceleration.


The new clutch has a broad range of high horsepower applications and its light weight and size will provide that extra advantage you need to win. If your looking for an alternative to that expensive and troublesome automatic, this clutch is for you. Titan has taken clutch technology to the next level. Why mess with 60's technology when Titan offers all the best design and materials in one package. After all, size does matter!!

More information is available from Titan's California manufacturing plant at 805-525-8660.

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