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Our Mission

Bob Sanders in the Titan Speed Engineering FacilityAs racers ourselves, Titan engineers and craftsmen have always been at the forefront of technology. We work enthusiastically toward goals that are bold and make a difference.

We are dedicated to continuously improving everything we do — performing better and faster than our competition. American-made materials and in-house manufacturing assure optimum quality in everything you buy.

We regard excellent relationships with all customers and potential customers as critical to Titan's success. We believe that honesty and integrity are essential standards in their own right, never to be compromised in our dealings with each other, with suppliers, or with our customers. We want you to regard us as trusted and valued partners. We will strive to understand, anticipate and meet your needs for high-quality products and services.

We sincerely appreciate the suggestions, encouragement and support that you've supplied in the 1980s and '90s. We look forward to serving you here in the 21st century.

Bob Sanders

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