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Rocker Arm Instructions

Check the clearance between the retainer and the valve guide at maximum lift. Make sure valve springs do not bind. Check valve to piston clearance. To maximize rocker ratio, run pushrods with ends close to rocker (longer). Do not let pushrod cups bind on rockers at maximum lift. Make sure that valve to valve clearance is O.K. (On overlap) Running the longer adjusters with a slightly shorter pushrod on the intake side will lower the rocker ratio.

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Oil Pump Instructions

Make sure that oil pump turns freely before installation. Check to be sure that pump does not bind end to end (.008 to .100). On G.M., Chevy, 392 Chrysler, and Ford pumps, be sure that the drive does not rub main cap or block (on sides). Be sure that the intermediate drive shaft has .008 to .100 end play. On all pumps make sure that all lines, fittings and filters have maximum flow so that the pump can keep the crankshaft cool. Most big block engines need 13 to 14 quarts...

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